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How to make Seashell Crafts
Nature Crafts

How To Make Seashell Crafts

Seashell Crafts

One of the most alluring aspects of the beach are those glorious shells that wash ashore. The colors, the shapes, the textures and the patterns of the shells all come together to make them these uniquely individual works of art that come from the sea. There are many who spend countless hours while at the beach hunting for those shells and then many want to showcase them by using them for crafts. The best way to use seashells for crafts is to prepare the shells to start and then one can transform those shells in so many ways it is astounding the vast array of crafts that can be enhanced through the use of shells.

Gathering Shells

The best way to truly get prepared to make seashell crafts to get the right shells and to make sure that enough is on hand. One thing, however, that needs to be kept in mind is that some beaches and protected shorelines have distinct rules about the number of seashells that are allowed to be removed from the beach as those shells are what creates sand and thus they are an integral part of the ecosystem. Once one knows the limits, it is fine to collect shells for use in crafts later on.

It is best to search for shells early in the morning or late at night before they get broken. It is also a good time during the change in the tide to find even more and possibly different shells. One should walk gingerly along the water’s edge and gather shells and place gently into bags or buckets. One then should sit down and go through the shells collected and determine which will be kept and those that are not should be promptly placed back on the sand.

Preparing the Seashells

One of the keys to making great seashell crafts is preparing the shells in advance. This is done by bringing the shells home and then placing them in a bucket of cool water. The water is changed roughly three times so that fresh water is washing out all sand and even microscopic bacteria that could cause mold or smell if not properly removed. Once this is done, one could then use one last soak to ensure shells are clean by mixing 1 tablespoon of bleach with 1 gallon of water and soaking shells for 30 minutes and then rinsing clean. This will kill any bacteria. The shells are then laid out in a single layer and allowed to air dry completely. Again, this is important as they need to be dry before being put away or used for crafts.

Though the natural beauty of the shells remains, one may want to enhance the colors by using acrylic paint and a small brush to accent the lines or textured patterns of the shells with colors that match the seashells. This is not necessary but some find that by doing this brings out more of the color of the shells. If this is done, again, the shells need to be completely dry before using for crafts.

Craft Ideas Galore

Using those shells in crafts is quite varied. One can use a hot glue gun and attach seashells to the edges of picture frames, mirrors, lamp shades or even decorative vases. This makes a beach craft that is enhanced based on those natural shells. There are also plenty of other crafts using shells. One can create glorious and natural jewelry by drilling small holes in shells and then using them for necklaces and bracelets. Shells can also be used to create tabletop displays and work wonders when glued to the sides of large pillar candles for a truly unique centerpiece. From using seashells to enhance and accentuate wreaths to making a decorative bowl of shells and dried seagrass; seashells are a great craft item to use for a variety of projects and crafts. Using a glue pixel gun can also help you create sturdy seashell crafts combined with other pieces.

The seashell look is suitable for casual homes, traditional decors, and even beach house themes. They make great gifts for everyone and even small children can enjoy working with shells for crafts as they are easy to use and since they come in so many sizes, shapes, and colors; they work for a wide assortment of crafts.