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How to Make Crafts with Autumn Leaves
Seasonal Crafts

How to Make Crafts with Autumn Leaves

Crafting with Autumn Leaves

There is something special about the time of year where the leaves turn to bright and brilliant shades of red, orange and even browns. It is this time during the fall when one truly takes in the wondrous beauty of nature and that prompts many to make crafts centered around those stunning reflections of the autumn season. There are various crafts that were made using autumn leaves and they make for wonderful home decor additions and even presents as the leaves all are different and thus they create one of a kind creations that are simply amazing to behold.

An Autumn Scrapbook

One simple project that is a great way to showcase some of those truly amazing leaves found while out hiking, walking or simply strolling through areas with trees are books devoted to those leaves. This is a craft that creates a coffee table style book and is a great craft for kids and adults. The leaves are collected and kept in a bag, though they need to be only gathered for about a day or two since they need to not dry out too much or the project will not work as well.

The leaves are then flash dried using two sheets of wax paper and an iron. The leaves, one at a time, are placed between the wax paper and the iron is gently placed over the leaves. After a few light taps, one will see that no more steam is being released and this lets one know the moisture has been removed. This is key as moisture left inside of those leaves will cause them to rot and mold over time.

The leaves are then coated with a light spray on both sides of shellac to preserve the color and lines of the leaves. Once dry, they are then glued into a book. One can even then write on the pages, add pictures or even poems to create an amazing leaf display. My friend Layla does the most perfect leaf displays. One day I’ll put it on this website for showcasing.

Autumn Leaf Wreath

Wreaths are a great home decor addition during the fall and there is a great way to make such a wreath and showcase autumn leaves at the same time. The leaves are gathered and it is best to get leaves of all sizes as both large and small leaves will be needed for the project.
The leaves are then allowed to partially air dry, as they need to still be slightly moist inside so when they are attached to the wreath they do not break or crack. It is good to organize the leaves by both size and color so when assembling the wreath it is easy to find the right leaf for the area of the wreath you are working on at the time.

The wreath is made by using a Styrofoam wreath base and having an assortment of small pins on hand. The leaves are attached by simply pushing a pin through the leaf until it is attached to the Styrofoam base. This is repeated over and over until the entire foam ring has been covered and using this method, one can make layers of leaves for a full and vibrant wreath that can be hung either indoors or outside. Adding a great fall colored bow to the bottom edge completes the look and makes this a stunning seasonal wreath.

Other Ideas

There truly are plenty of crafts to make using autumn leaves. Applying fall leaves to the outside of a plain wooden box and then using a coating of clear adhesive makes for an intriguing box to store items that use those fall leaves as the decoration on the box. Homemade cards can be made by using plain note cards and then gluing leaves to the front of the card for a special and unusual design. Fall leaves can be used as tablescapes when simply tossed on a table to create a fall appearance to any tabletop. The subway sometimes has wonderful displays of autumn leaves on the frosted glass (that was in 2012).
The options for using those beautiful and abundant fall leaves are almost endless as they can be used in place of other items when thinks of them as accent items that can be used to enhance or cover just about anything to make a tribute to fall that is a sight to behold.