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How to Knit a Hat

How to Knit a Hat

Step by Step Instructions on How To Knit A Hat: Advanced Level

So you have now become an expert on knitting and want to take it to the next level. The obvious next step would be to advance to knitting a hat to go with that scarf. Whether for you or as a unique gift idea, learning how to knit a hat is easy if you follow these simple step by step instructions.

Step 1. Supplies Needed

Before you can get started knitting your new hat, you are going to need a few supplies. The best type of yarn to use for this project is 3-ounce 4-ply weight. be sure that you have two sizes eight knitting needles, number nine needles, some measuring tape, a crochet hook, and a yarn needle. You can choose two colors or one, but we’ll suggest one color. Two colors might end up having some clash problems!

Step 2. Begin to Cast On

Take both of the size eight needles, and begin to cast on them. Continue casting until you have eighty-seven stitches on the needles.

Step 3. The Ribs

Now that you have the stitches on the needles, you need to create the one-inch rib stitch. If you have little or no experience with the rib stitch, it is very easy to complete this process. In order to properly rib stitch, but the yarn right in front of both needles, purl the next stitch in the sequence and pull the yarn behind as you work. This needs to be repeated for row one. If any stitches drop, use the crochet hook to pick them up.

Step 4. Ribbing the 2nd Row

Now you will need to be sure to turn over the needle to begin to rib the second row. Start this process with a purl stitch and make certain to keep the yarn behind the needles again. Continue to knit only one stitch, working row one and two for the one inch.

Step 5. Changing the Needles

Replace the needles with number nine needles, then knit the first row entirely. Then you will need to make sure you purl the second row, continuing for six inches and ending this section with the purl row.

Step 6. Shaping the Hat Top

Start this part of the hat by knitting three stitches and then knitting three of them together. Repeat the process across one entire row. You will need to purl row two as before, working on decreasing the rows in this fashion until there are only seven of the stitches left.

Step 7. Cutting the Yarn

Take your scissors and cut the yarn, making certain to leave about fifteen inches, then thread the end through the yarn needle. Pull the remaining seven stitches off of the needle, pulling the yarn needle all the way through all these stitches. Continue to pull it tight, this will close the top area.

Step 8. Sewing the Seam

Finally, you need to fold the hat with the right sides kept together. Keep the bottom area flush while doing this. With yarn and needle at top of the hat, make a seam by sewing edges together. Continue down to the bottom, then tie a knot in the end and remove any extra thread. My husband plays Clash of Clans whilst I knit and I honestly think it’s a great kind of relaxing activity for couples!