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DIY Crafts

Easy DIY crafts anyone can do

You don’t really need to be an expert to create beautiful DIY crafts to accentuate your home. You just need a few hours and a few supplies To come up with stunning crafts that you and your guests will love.

Monogrammed string art

Popular since the 1970s, this art can be displayed on your walls to make it look modern and stylish. Outline your initials or any shape of your choice and trace it using a colorful string and fabric background to get your desired look.

Giant paper dahlias

If you are decorating for the summer, you can use colorful DIY crafts from paper to create an oversized version of dahlias. Experiment with different colors and sizes to create proportion and harmony to your home’s interior. Using only bright colored paper cardboard circles, scissors, And double-sided tape, there again successfully create standing giant paper dahlias and decorate your walls without spending too much.

Tin can utensil bins

Looking to create DIY crafts for home decor? Don’t throw away empty tin cans from coffee or vegetables because you can repurpose them as colorful utensil holders. Use your imagination and decorate them with paint and washi tape. Attach an S hook to the can so you can hang them on the kitchen towel bar.

Vintage book planter

The old book that you love will have another purpose as a pot for succulents. Simply cut a square hole In the Center of the book, please a bit of nutrient-rich soil, and plant your cactus or other succulent as usual. Please on your tabletop or other areas where you want your succulent to act as a centerpiece.

Confetti inspired vases

Dress up your tired vases using a toothpick, and a big glass paint, and an hour of your time. Use fun colors and random patterns to make your face come alive.

Simple ombre artwork

Even beginners can create a version of this eye-catching artwork. Simply choose the gradient tones that you love and brush away onto the canvas. After drying, simply hang your artwork to your desired space and you’re done!

Want some practice? Download free online girl games to get DIY ideas. It’ll be fun — guaranteed!