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DIY Crafts

Cute DIY Craft Ideas For Kids

Looking for crafts for kids that are easy? Why not teach them to make something from recyclable materials? These crafts for kids make use of all the cardboard tubes from paper towels and toilet papers. You’d get to use their creativity while killing boredom and putting trash to good use. To learn how to do these projects, read on.

Colorful cupcake stand

Here, you’ll need a corrugated cardboard, toilet paper tubes, craft paint, puncher, colored ribbons, and adhesive dots.  Start by cutting out a 12-inch, 9-inch, and 5-inch circle from your cardboard. Mark the middle of the disk, while making sure the distance from all of 4 sides is equal. Top each circle with a tube and then trace it around with a pencil at the center.  Attach each circle at the bottom of the tubes using the adhesive. Decorate as necessary using the paint and the ribbons.

Fun jewelry Holder

Repair 3 paper towel tubes, felt paper, double sided tape, screw punch, ribbon, Velcro strips, and skewer. Then, cut paper tubes according to the desired length. Also cut 2 pieces of felt paper, following the circumference of each tube. Place a few rows of double sided tape, and roll the felt around. Make sure that felt edges overlap during the process. Repeat the process for the other 2 tubes. Puncture some holes for earrings. Cut some slits for necklaces. Attach some strings for hanging and decorate as desired. Hang it in the room and you’re done!

Adorable phone stand

Grab some toilet paper tubes, craft paint, and some templates. Cut out the templates and run it around the tubes. Trace the shapes and then cut. Coat the tubes with craft paint and then add features and designs as necessary. Let dry and your phone stand is ready to use!

Having fun yet? These crafts for kids with paper will surely become a hit to your kids!